i'm EPI!

Hi there! I'm an Italian illustrator and tour guide passionate about History and Nerd retro games! I love "pain au chocolate", Harry Potter, coffee, long walks, autumns and books. Discover Lyon with me!

How it all began

Somewhere in Iceland

Made in Italy

Hey there! I was born in 1987 in Italy, the youngest of 6 siblings. I grew up drawing and dreaming of exploring the world. Born in Turin, not too far from Lyon, I feel at home here. The sweet Lyonnais life reminds me to appreciate the little pleasures of everyday life, like a good coffee or a chat over an aperitif with a friend. The food here is a true culture and is sacred, just like my Italian roots teach me.

Fun fact: Turin and Lyon were like BFFs under the same French kingdom until 200 years ago. So, yeah, my family tree is this mix of French and Italian blood. Maybe that’s why I’ve been calling Lyon home for ver six years now?

Citizen of the world

Since I was young, my strong desire to travel has taken me all over the world, from the captivating Iceland to the vibrant Kenya, from fascinating Japan to the warm Portugal, and beyond… until I decided to make Lyon my home! For me, traveling is not just a way to explore new places but also to discover new sides of myself. It’s an adventure that brings evolution, growth, and contributes to making me a better person.

That’s why I’ve centered my work around travel: for years, I’ve been writing and illustrating editorial projects dedicated to tourism, collaborating with tourism boards, museums, and publishers. When I’m not jet-setting, I bring the world into my home here in Lyon, organizing tours as a tour guide. Visiting and embracing the world is the job of my dreams, an extraordinary way to live my passion every day. 

In love with Lyon

Choosing Lyon as my home was finding the perfect compromise I’ve always sought. It’s human-sized without being sleepy, large but not so massive that it takes half a day to cross. You can navigate it on foot or by bike, and there’s enough cultural richness without needing to sell a kidney to go out. It’s a city where the small everyday pleasures are accessible even on a modest budget, safe, and overall, it wears a smile. No formalities, no stress, no rush. Have you ever seen a Lyonnais in a stressed-out sprint? Not a chance.

I create imaginary worlds
to make you discover the real one.

Below, you’ll find a few photos of my published works (yes, there’s one featuring Lyon!). If you’re curious to delve deeper into my work as an illustrator and travel writer, feel free to check out my website www.epiproject.com

"Every city receives its form from the desert it opposes."