Culture is just
around the corner
in Lyon.

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In Lyon, culture blends seamlessly with the past while always looking towards the future. Explore the city’s vibrant cultural scene with the latest updates on events such as festivals, exhibitions, concerts, and more. Check out this page for the freshest insights into Lyon’s dynamic cultural offerings!

top CULTURAL experiences

Street art tour

A free website and map of all the graffiti in town, updates with events and expo. Plan your visit wth the interactive map! 


Street art


A Lyon, culture takes a delicious turn through its food. Dining in a typical Lyonnais restaurant, known as a “bouchon,” is undeniably a delightful dive into the local culinary culture.

Medium meal 25 euro.


Movie time

If you didn’t know, cinema was born in Lyon. Check out the website of the Lumière Institute, which preserves this valuable heritage.

The price depends on the event.



Lyon boasts some magnificent museums; I highly recommend the Cinema and Miniature Museum in Old Lyon, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts.

The price depends on the Museum.


Cool Culture, happy adventurers!
*Lyon's Latest Cultural Buzz*


*Lyon's Latest Cultural Buzz* *Lyon's Latest Cultural Buzz* *Lyon's Latest Cultural Buzz* *Lyon's Latest Cultural Buzz*