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what is the must-see spot in Lyon and what don't you recommend to visit?

Vieux Lyon is definitely the first point to visit. World Heritage Site, dominated by the Basilique de Fourvière, preserves the medieval and Renaissance history of Lyon. The baroque Place des Terraux with the City Hall (hôtel de ville), from which you can climb north towards the Croix-Rousse (the district of the silk workers). Or walk along the banks of the Saône River to the south, to Confluence with its modern architecture and Museum of the same name, where you can walk along the confluence of the two rivers of the city. Finally a walk to the Parc de la Tête d'Or, to see the huge free zoo and the gigantic greenhouses of 1800, ending the day with an « apéro » (a drink) on the river, in one of the famous « Péniche » (boats hosting bars and more) on the Rhône.

Looking to go during the summer of next year. Any tips for that? What is the best time?

Lyon is beautiful all year round, but there are two months when visiting it is more complicated. August, because it is very hot and the city tends to empty a bit (yes, I really like the calm of August, but not everyone likes it). Most of the year Lyon has mild temperatures, making it difficult to visit only in periods such as August or January. The periods in which it gives the best of itself are September (the city comes alive for the arrival of new international students and the return from the holidays, the sun shines without burning and events are not lacking) and Spring, from April to May when the beautiful city parks are filled with flowers and the riverside becomes the perfect place for an happy hour. The month in which it got more tourists is December, for the Festival « La Fête des lumières », which is held every year. The most underrated month ? October. The temperatures are still gentle, the Parks become a great place to see the autumn foliage, while the museums compete for the most interesting exhibition.

Where should I book a hotel or maybe it would be best to rent an apartment?

Both are great choices, the quality of the Lyon hospitality service is renowned worldwide and you will have no problems with either of the two choices.


Some cool tips you should know


Lyon is for everyone. you can even find vegan restaurants and markets.

If for some reason (personal, religious, health) you are afraid of not finding a restaurant or bar suitable for your needs, remember that Lyon is the capital of French gastronomy and has been able to preserve the tradition without forgetting to open its kitchens to the world and its changes. You can find many ideas in the "eat" section of the site!


Concerts and outdoor events are happening all year long. it's an amazing experience.

Lyon is never short of things to do and the agenda of events is always full. They are often free or street events, accessible to everyone. Some events are dedicated to specific audiences such as families or students. You can find the calendar of weekly events in Lyon in the "weekly agenda" section of the site!


Lyon can offer more than just the well-known tourist spots. Explore the outskirts of Lyon.

Lyon is not just the old town. You can visit Monplaisir, the neighborhood of the Lumiere brothers (who invented the cinema right here!) or take a boat trip to the Île Barbe where the Holy Gral is said to be hidden. Architecture enthusiasts will love the Tony Garnier Museum in the south of Lyon while food lovers will visit the local markets and bouchons like a museum. Find new ideas in the "visit" section of the site!


Kids are welcome. you can find great parks and activities just for your little Baby

Lyon is child friendly. Most museums have specific activities for children included in the visit, playgrounds are everywhere (try those along the Saône or parks!) and Parc de la Tête d'Or houses a giant zoo entirely free. Getting around on foot is easy and there are daily public transport tickets with special prices for families.


be polite and patient. try to enjoy the people and the atmosphere of Lyon.

Take a deep breath and relax. In Lyon you don’t go too fast, you always have time for a game of petanque or a drink overlooking the river at the end of the day. Enjoy the Lyon dolce vita, as the Lyons love to do.

Smile and enjoy Lyon.
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