24th- 27th Oct

Monday 24th

👉 Frog Leap at Transbordeur

A chance to see the project of the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Leo Moracchioli. Featured image: Frog Leap copyright.

⏰ From 7,30 p.m.

📍Transbordeur, 3 boulevard de la bataille de Stalingrad, 69100 Villeurbanne, Francia.

Link: http://www.lesdernierscouches.com/frog-leap/ 

Thusday 25th

👉 Engage as a student in Volunteer programs.

In this meeting you can meet associations that are looking for volunteers and be an engaged student! 

⏰ From 6,30 p.m.

📍 Maison des étudiants Métropole de Lyon, 90 rue de Marseille, 69007 Lione, Francia.

Link: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/anciela/evenements/etudiant-e-s-une-annee-pour-agir-1 


Wednesday 26th

👉 Art exhibition vernissage

In the Montplaisir youth center there will be the “La nature dans tous ses états” exhibition, today is the opening night!

⏰ From 10 a.m. to 7,30 p.m. (same for Sunday)

📍 MJC Monplaisir, 25 avenue des Frères Lumière, 69008 Lione, Francia.

Link: https://facebook.com/events/s/vernissage-exposition-la-natur/652830842887827/ 

Thursday 27th

👉 A Wine Festival.

The festival of the independent wine producers.

⏰ From 4 p.m.

📍Vigneron Indépendant – Halle Tony-Garnier, Place Docteurs Charles et Christophe Mérieux, 69007 Lyon




👉 A Pop Funky concert.

Louce + Chin Family, price up to you at the entrance.

⏰ From 9 p.m.

📍Melville bar & live, 20 rue Saint Georges 69005 Lyon




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